Backplane 3x HDD SATA/SAS 3.5" IB-553SK
Backplane 3x HDD SATA/SAS 3.5" IB-553SK
Backplane 3x HDD SATA/SAS 3.5" IB-553SK
Backplane 3x HDD SATA/SAS 3.5" IB-553SK
Backplane 3x HDD SATA/SAS 3.5" IB-553SK

Backplane 3x HDD SATA/SAS 3.5" IB-553SK

17,88 €
Backplane ICY BOX IB-553SK para discos SATA/SAS ou SAS em modo dual channel. Estável e com alto débito de dados.
Recomendado para sistemas RAID exigentes com capassidade de dissipação de calor através dos seus componentes de alumínio e ventilador de 80mm 

For the toughest server service These three HDD backplanes ICY BOX IB-553SK, IB-554SK and IB-555SK have proven themselves operating properly in the tough tasks of a server. They can be operated as both SATA and SAS drives, even as SAS hard disks in dual channel mode. They are extremely stable even with a very high data throughput. Therefore, we recommend it for the demanding duty in RAID systems. As important is the designed temperature control. The aluminum parts dissipate the heat and the 80-mm fan operates reliably and quietly. If necessary, removal and re-attachment of the fan is made without the aid of tools. In case the enclosure does get hot, optical and acoustic signals warn the user. All mechanical components are designed for the heaviest loads. The trays and their locks are a perfect fit and slide without resistance. The aluminum parts are electropolished. Backplane for 2x 5.25" bay 
For 3x 3.5" SATA HDDs 
1x 80mm Fan - removable without tools 
Keylock prevents accidental and unauthorized access Stress resistant 
The IB-55X Series is built for heavy duty. The best available materials were used in this enclosure which makes it the ideal 3.5" HDD solution for demanding environments. The aluminium parts are by electrolyte sealed and to add to the security, a lock was added. 
Cool & silent 
The high quality metal dissipate the created heat by passive convection to the environment. The active convection is done using an 80 mm fan which is replaceable without the need of using any tool. The big fan swirls slowly which makes it quieter. 
Always up to date
Up to five 3.5" SATA/SAS HDDs find a home in this backplane. When SAS HDDs are being used, they could be connected in Dual Channel mode. Optical and Auditory signals alert regarding the HDD and fan state. The temperature alarm signal can be set on three possibilities - 45°, 55° or 75°C.
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